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Queens Woman Beat Bulldog Puppy Caught on Video

A Queens woman was caught by her neighbor's video camera beating her 11 month old English bulldog pup with a snow shovel. Aria Aguilar is facing two felony charges, one for animal cruelty, one for possession of weapons for crippling the dog after many months of abuse. Aguilar faces the maximum sentence of four years in jail.

Aguilar's husband reported that the pup called "Spike" had twelve veterinarian visits in the past seven months. Unknowingly caught in video, Aguilar initially denied the abuse when investigators questioned her. Witnesses reported Aguilar to authorities after capturing horrific footage of her abuse to Spike via a camera phone. In the video, observers can hear the pup's "howls of pain" as well as Aguilar's mistreatment of him, throwing him to the ground and hitting him with a snow shovel.
The ASPCA has intervened to assist the animal back to health. The ASPCA reported the dog had "a hip fracture, broken leg, three broken teeth, and injuries to his ears" as well as being "virtually blind in his right eye." ASPCA Assistant Director Joseph Pentangelo predicts Spike will "walk with a limp" and be available for adoption after his injuries heal.

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