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Rachel Maddow Forced to Cover Mosque Story by Fox News

Rachel Maddow has been known to be candid and upfront when it comes to what she’s believes in and what she thinks is right. This time around Rachel Maddow spoke her mind in an interview to the Daily Beast about the Ground Zero Mosque issue that she covered in her segment. According to Rachel Maddow, she was not going to cover the story but was forced into covering it.

Rachel Maddow claims that she’s not up for talking about cooked up controversies on her show so when the opportunity to talk about the Ground Zero Mosque came up, she promptly passed it on even when it reached the epic proportions of becoming a hit national story. Fox News, apparently made Rachel Maddow swallow her views and cover the hot story because not giving time to a political hot news was like ignoring the lion in the room.

Afterwards, Rachel Maddow had to allocate a whopping 14 minute segment to the mosque issue pleasing Fox News to no end.

Rachel Maddow also talked about her personal life saying that she thinks she looks better when she’s wearing her glasses. Rachel Maddow also confessed that she would consider marrying her longtime partner whenever the right time came.

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