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Rachel Uchitel Joins Celebrity Rehab, Rejected From Apprentice

Tiger Woods' mistress #1, Rachel Uchitel, has joined the cast of Celebrity Rehab... in doing so, however, she was rejected from the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice.

The Celebrity Rehab 4 cast includes "Laguna Beach/The Hills" star Jason Wahler, former supermodel Janice Dickinson, Keyshia Cole's mom, Frankie Lons, former teen heartthrob Leif Garrett, actor Jeremy London, and oil heir Jason Davis.

While Rachel Uchitel's pill addiction may be cured on Celebrity Rehab, there's no love for her appearing on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice.

Trump's people say, "We no longer have interest in Rachel."

The Donald's rep commented, "Rachel Uchitel very much wanted to be on Celebrity Apprentice. She asked us, we did not ask her. We were considering it but have 10 people vying for each and every spot. Look what happened to Joan Rivers, Trace Adkins, Piers Morgan, and others who have been on the show."

Source: TV Crunch

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