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Rachel Wade 2nd Degree Murder Charges

Rachel Wade 2nd degree murder charges for the horrific death of Sarah Lundeman in Clearwater, Florida.  A jury deliberated for merely two hours upon hearing the details of a love triangle between Wade, Lundeman, and Joshua Camacho in April 2009.

The prosecution maintained that Wade had considerable hatred for Lundemann which lead to the violent stabbing death of Lundemann's.  Prosecutors also maintained that Wade stabbed Lundemann with so much force she bent the blade of the weapon.  Then Wade watched Lundemann die and casually asked Pinellas Park Police Officers for a cigarette following the event.

Defense attorney Jay Herbert insisted Wade was acting in self defense after Lundemann and her friends were preparing to "jump" Wade.  Herbert insisted that vicious taunting and verbal arguments caused the girls to resort to violence.  Herbert also insisted Lundemann started the fatal fight and his client acted only to defend herself, pinning the tag of "aggressor" on Lundemann.

Wade faces a minimum of 20 and a half years in prison and a maximum of life in prison.


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