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Radio Host Dr. Laura Uses the N-Word 11 Times in 5 Minutes!

 Famous Radio Host Dr. Laura Schlessinger has found herself in the midst of controversy again. What’s more, the controversy is on almost the same sensitive issue as before. Previously Dr. Laura Schlessinger made headlines when she announced on the Radio that gays and lesbians are a biological error in addition to other off-color remarks. Of course, she apologized afterwards for what she’d said.

This time around the assault was made on African-Americans. Dr. Laura Schlessinger, whilst talking to a caller, used the N-word 11 times in a span of five minutes, to be precise. According to Dr. Laura Schlessinger, she used the N-word several times just to make a point. Now we find that Dr. Laura Schlessinger is apologizing again, as people are labeling her a racist.

The conversation that gave birth to the controversy revolved around a Black woman caller who was named Jade and was sick of her white husband’s friends making racist comments about her. Dr. Laura Schlessinger told the black woman that she should not be so sensitive about the issue and said the N-word several times to get her point across.

Its time Dr. Laura Schlessinger learnt some social graces that will save her from incessant apologies.


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