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Rare Maserati Traded in Cash for Clunkers Program

A Man in Colorado who had been trying to sell his Maserati for months has traded in for a Subaru, as a result of the Government Backed Cash for Clunkers program. His frustration with trying to sell it was at a peak just before the government CARS program and the value he got in return was similar to what he was trying to sell it for, so he just traded it in. Most likely the car will be crushed.

rare maserati

"In Colorado a man traded in a rare 1985 Maserati, with only 18,000 miles on it, as part of the "Cash for Clunkers" program. But like all "Cash for Clunker" trade-ins, the car will soon be crushed. The man said the engine frequently has problems and he's been trying to sell it for months. By trading it in, he got $3,500 for it, roughly the same as he was trying to sell it for. " via Portfolio Weekly

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