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Rebecca Black's "Friday" YouTube Video Hits 100 Million Viewers

Rebecca Black first made headlines two months ago with her catchy Friday YouTube video but this week she made history: the thirteen year old's tune hit 100 million viewers! Black's Friday hit the 100 million viewer mark after 63 days, faster than Canadian 'tween crooner Justin Bieber who reached the 100 viewer mark after 67 days. This weekend Black's hit single became the 23rd most watched music video in YouTube History.

Black has been singing since the tender age of nine. Black has sung publicly, attended summer music camps, studied dance, and performed for many school talent shows. Last year Black recorded her first song and music video, with help from her mother and L.A. area production company, Ark Music Factory. Despite being the "average" American teenager and junior high school student, Black is now making national television appearances, recording songs, and even participating in photo shoots expected to propel her dream to sing into new dimensions. Black is truly an inspiration for her peers and other people. Black is living proof that there is little that can not be accomplished with proper amounts of hard work, determination, and dedication.

Click below to see Rebecca Black's Friday:

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