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Reconciliation of Health Care Bill Passes Senate

Obama spoke about how the changes in the health system will impact insurance companies.

"They've got to start playing by a new set of rules that treats everybody honestly and treats everybody fairly," he said. "The days of the insurance industry running roughshod over the American people are over."

Reconcilliation of the Health Care Bill passed through the Senate today. Obama celebrated the landmark Democratic and health reform victory by going back to campaign roots. At the University of Iowa on March 25, 2010, Obama victoriously proclaimed: "Three years ago, we made a promise. That promise has been kept" in the same place he promised health care reform in 2007 on the road to presidency.

The threat of Republican repeal is still imminent in mid term elections but Obama is not intimidated. The President daringly stated: "My attitude is: Go for it....Leaders of the Republican Party. They called the passage of this bill 'Armageddon.' Armageddon. 'End of freedom as we know it.' So after I signed the bill, I looked around to see if there were any asteroids falling or some cracks opening up in the earth. It turned out it was a nice day."

The House of Representatives passed the Health Care Reconciliation Bill by a 220-2207 vote and cleared the path straight to Oval Office and Obama's signature.

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