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Record Breaking Midnight Release for ' Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince '

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince surpassed all expectations by opening to a record breaking midnight release of about $22 million which is more than the Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith ($17 million) and The Dark Knight ( $18 million ).

The sixth movie in Harry Potter series broke this record by opening to around 3,000 midnight performances on Wednesday. It has been released in 4,275 theaters and will be released in 4,350 more theaters on Friday.

Warner Bros., the films' and the entire series' franchisee was obviously jubilant at this unexpected opening. Sure, there was a lot of buzz around the release but nobody expected it to beat records right on the very first day.

The movie was originally scheduled to release in November, last year. But Warner Bros. pushed its release to July, 2009 and no doubt they are now quite happy with that decision.

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