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Reporter Harassed by Jets Ines Sainz Today Show (Video)

The reporter allegedly harassed by the Jets, Ines Sainz, sat down this morning for this Today show interview. Ines Sainz's treatment at the New York Jets training facility is making headlines and Sainz is making the media rounds to explain.

TV Azteca sports reporter Ines Sainz talks about how she was onsite with the Jets to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez when they threw footballs in her direction and offered up whistles in the locker room.

Many are calling into question Ines Sainz's provacative way of dressing, with racy Ines Sainz pictures burning up the Internet today as further proof that maybe Sainz should dress a bit more professionally for the job.

The New York Jets issued a statement saying they “will continue to work with the League to gather the facts and take any appropriate steps necessary to maintain a respectful environment for the media.”


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