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Research Shows Link Between Good Workouts and Music

A decade long study and massive amounts of research has shown a link between good workouts and music. In fact, based upon conclusions by Costas Karageorghis from London's Brunel University, music has proven to actually improve the quality of a workout. In a review of the data, Karageroghis stated music is "a type of legal-performance enhancing drug."

The data collected, from a team of psychologists, suggests that playing your favorite tunes while exercising distracts the mind and body allowing people to push past their "normal" limits to run, swim, jog, lift weights, and bike farther and faster than they would without the music. Additionally, music increases endurance, reduces pain and fatigue, improves overall mood and a sense of well-being, and possibly promotes metabolic efficiency. Perhaps best of all, music reduces the effort the mind perceives during workouts and motivates people to maximize the effects of their exercise of choice.

Psychologists attribute tempo and speed to the body's natural "rhythm response." They have found the body's instinct to respond to the stimulation it hears during workouts allows them to synchronize their movements and in turn improve performance. Though the type of music varies significantly, researchers found in a survey of 184 college age participants that 27.7 percent listened to hip hop, 24 percent listened to rock, and 20.3 percent listened to pop while working out though this varied significantly depending upon what people were doing in terms of exercise.

So, the next time you feel like breaking a sweat, reach for your MP3 player and headphones. You'll have your favorite song to thank as you feel the burn.

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