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Reviews of the Last Exorcism

The latest installment in the series of spine-chilling movies, The Last Exorcism is not. If you were expecting The Last Exorcism to be one bone-crushing, heart stopping, epic horror tale that would haunt you forever, prepare to be highly disappointed. The Last Exorcism has indeed garnered a lot of promotion for itself but fails to deliver the things it promises repeatedly.

Although The Last Exorcism has a perfect cast, a perfect script and a perfect premise, but unfortunately all the perfection just leads to disappointment in the way the whole movie folds out. It is highly unsettling that The Last Exorcism just wants to end giving a message more anything, the movie is cut painfully short abruptly and the viewer is just left hanging in the air.

It would be unfair to totally discredit the movie because The Last Exorcism does have its highlights and amazingly choreographed scenes. Some of the shots are way better than the ones portrayed in the Exorcist series and the movie should be applauded for that. Apart from some horrifying moments, there is nothing that really holds the viewer to the screen or promises haunting of a lifetime.

The Last Exorcism is highly forgettable once you switch the TV off or leave the cinema.

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