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Richard P. Bennett Resigned From Duty Following Bridget the Midget Incident

Richard P. Bennett resigned from duty following a "Bridget The Midget" incident at Club Alex in Stoughton, Massachusetts.  The officer abandoned his post as a twenty eight year old Massachusetts police officer when he hit the "adult venue" where Bridget "The Midget" Powers had a show.  Clad in uniform and abandoning his patrol car, Bennett reportedly flashed the laser of his weapon during Powers' performance and was snitched on by patrons.  The Patriot Ledger reports that during an internal investigation, following reports of the incident to five other officers, Bennett lied about the incident and later resigned rather than face formal disciplinary action. 

Bennett reportedly stated to the Boston Herald: "A part of me wants to say, 'Where was the news when I pulled someone out of a burning car last year?  You know all the good things you do, and I'm going to be remembered for one stupid decision.  It just sucks."

Ms. Powers is known as the world's smallest porn star made famous by Howard Stern.

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