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Rielle Hunter, Edwards' Mistress, "Repulsed" With GQ

Rielle Hunter, mistress to former presidential candidate John Edwards, went public with GQ, ABC's "The View" and anyone who would listen with the news of her affair with Edwards. Not only did Hunter out the tawdry affair she had with the thirty two years married politician, she also reproduced a "love child" with Edwards,and then vocalized her repulsion for the way the magazine portrayed her. Barbara Walters reported that Hunter was "in tears when she called, and she said that when she saw the pictures ... that she found them repulsive. When I asked, 'If that was the case, then why did you pose the way you did?'" Barbara questioned. Reille maintained that she "trusted Mark Seliger," because he is a "brilliant photographer," and "went with the flow,'" Edwards' former mistress reportedly cried for two hours after she saw her scantily clad self poised next to a pile of stuffed animals in her and Edwards' daughter's room, Frances Quinn.

GQ published a 10,000 word interview with Hunter in a tell all, first time account of Hunter's clandestine affair with her. Hunter maintains that "Johnny" Edwards is a "good father" despite allowing his former aid, Andrew Young, to claim paternity for the child. Hunter dispelled the rumors suggesting Edwards proposed to her and promised a "rooftop wedding" to the accompanying music of The Dave Matthews Band. She also confirmed that there is video proof of the affair, via a sex tape and that she will never stop loving her "Johnny."

Despite the scandal revolving around the affair, Hunter is most upset regarding the photos attached to the interview.

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