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Rihanna Pregnant With Chris Brown's Baby???

The world's most favorite Barbadian pop Princess of China, twenty five year old Robin Fenty known better as Rihanna is pregnant with rapper Chris Brown's baby. Or so many suspect. After four cancelled stops on her Diamonds world tour due to "laryngitis," a few trips to and from a medical building in Beverly Hills, and increasingly loose fitting clothing, all signs point to the obvious: maybe there's something to the rumors.

When reporters stopped Rihanna on her way out of the medical center on Tuesday, April 16, 2013, she apparently attested to the fact that she's feeling "better" but so far her reps and the singer have neither confirmed or denied the possible bun in the oven. Sources close to RiRi have offered a strategic "She's not pregnant!" to Gossipcop to throw the tabs and rags off the trail but something is definitely up.
Plus other sources have gone so far as to say she's due in September. And to further fuel the fire, the very public Rihanna herself has disclosed little regarding the "illness" other than her disappointment. And a nod saying things have been "hell."

Look back and recall that recent moment which rendered Rihanna 4 hours late for that charity gig at Barrington High on March 22, 2013. Remember her Tweets on the way? She quipped: "On my way to Barrington High School in Chicago! I can't wait to meet these kids man! They're major inspirational life changers!"

And if we all rewind (just a little), Rihanna left the Island Def Jam Grammy After Party on February 10, 2013 early to meet with Chris at the Supper Club...and then on Valentine's day they ignored each other at the same L.A. club?

Could it be he didn't take kindly to a "surprise" pregnancy?

And what if it's true?

Better yet, what if it's two?

Check back for more!

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