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Rihanna's Supposed Lover Tajah Burton Tell All Following Topless Sexting Scandal

Singer Rihanna's supposed lover, Tajah Burton, has penned a tell all book following a topless "sexting" photos exchange. Controversial leaks of topless Rihanna photos made waves on Friday, January 28, 2011 when a friend of her supposed boyfriend forwarded some racy pics to the media. More trouble is brewing for Rihanna as Burton, a "model" and L.A. area socialite has stepped forward claiming to be the singer's lesbian lover. Additionally, leaked topless photographs of Burton have surfaced, perhaps to promote her book...

Burton details the tryst between Rihanna and herself in the book entitled Low Down Dirty Shame. The book dishes all of Burton's claims regarding the steamy and short-lived romance with Rihanna.

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