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Ronald Aldom Saved by Enthanol Injection Pumped Straight to His Heart

Doctors in the UK recently saved the life of Ronald Aldom, a seventy seven year old British man, when he recently suffered from Ventricular tachychardia by using an enthanol injection which was pumped straight to his heart. The substance, better known as the base for all alcoholic drinks, was part of a radical, first time ever treatment performed by Dr. Tom Johnson when the ailing Aldom was suffering from a rapid, irregular heartbeat. Johnson knew Aldom "wasn't going to leave the hospital unless something was done" after exhausting every possible treatment option. In a last attempt to control Aldom's heart, Dr. Johnson placed a catheter into blood vessels within Aldom's groin and because "there was no other option," used the ethanol to cause a "controlled heart attack" which suppressed the tissue responsible for the irregular heartbeat.

The unlikely procedure was performed six weeks ago at the Bristol Heart Institute Hospital in Bristol, England. Aldom has been reportedly "fantastically well" since.
In a recent interview, Aldom offered: "I think it's wonderful the doctors tried everything to help me. If they hadn't had done this I wouldn't be here now."

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