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RootZoo Sues Facebook for Click Fraud

Sports website RootZoo has filed a case against the popular social network Facebook alleging that they were charged for more number of clicks than actually occurred. Previously, such concerns have been raised by many advertisers and this lawsuit is a vindication the fact that Facebook is yet to take the matter seriously.

RootZoo advertised on Facebook from November, 2007 until June, 2008 and found that the data showed by its own analytics program and the data provided by Facebook differed by a huge margin. Their analytics tool showed 300 clicks were generated on Facebook while Facebook claimed 804 clicks and charged the money accordingly.

After Facebook refused to address the repeated requests for refunds by RootZoo, they decided to sue them. Facebook issued an official statement that it takes click quality seriously and the lawsuit is baseless.

Tech site TechCrunch recently reported about the clickfraud complaints and how a lot of advertisers were unhappy about advertising on Facebook. It seems that Facebook may have a tough battle ahead, both with the upset advertisers and clickfraud.

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