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Rosemarie Essa Murdered by Husband

Rosemarie Essa, a woman who died over five years ago, was murdered by her husband. On Friday, a Cleveland, Ohio jury found Yazeed Essa guilty of aggravated murder in relation to Essa's death. Yazeed Essa was a former emergency room doctor. He laced his wife's calcium supplements with cyanide. Rosemarie Essa lost conciousness while driving her SUV, crashed into another car, and later died as a result of taking her daily calcium vitamins.

After listening to weeks of testimony and days of deliberation, a jury determined that Dr. Yazeed Essa was responsible for his wife's death. Dr. Essa faces the maximum sentence of life in prison. He could be eligible for parole in 20 years. Rosemarie's family members were relieved when the jury delivered its verdict. They reportedly hugged police and prosecutors. Dr. Essa's defense lawyer, Mark Marein was "disappointed" by the verdict. Dr. Essa's family had no comment.

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