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Route 422 Shooting in Pennsylvania

Route 422 was the site of the shooting incident. The morning commute along a Pennsylvania highway in Upper Providence at approximately 7:17 a.m. was event filled for a female motorist and another driver transporting her two year year old. The female motorist was shot and wounded by a male driving a silver Buick Lucerne experiencing what authorities believe was severe "road rage."

Police are still searching for the suspect, driving the Buick Lucerne. The female motorist reported to authorities that the other driver was speeding "erratically" along Route 422. Per Pennsylvania State Police Sargent Andrew Skelton, the female motorist "felt a vibration on her vehicle, and believing she was struck (by the Buick), she pulled over to the shoulder thinking the other operator would do the same" but, Skelton maintains, "he did not stop." Skelton furthered "Moments later, she realized she had been shot," the sergeant said. "The vibration she felt was mostly likely the bullet coming through her vehicle." The female motorist then followed the Buick Lucerne, unknowing that she had been injured by a bullet, and got the Pennsylvania license plate: DHT 7043.

The wounded female motorist was flown to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and is in stable condition. Authorities are searching for the shooter. A witness travelling along Route 422 with her 2 year old toddler, reportedly saw a Ford Focus in pursuit of the Buick Lucerne along the shoulder of the road, driving a high speeds. The witness reported that the cars "were both flying down the shoulder. I was stunned." The witness exited Route 422 at the Oaks exit and took a safer highway to her destination.

Please call Pennsylvania State Police with any information regarding the incident at 215-560-6200.

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