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Russia PM Vladimir Putin Slams Julian Assange Arrest

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has slammed the West, particularly the United States, for arresting Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. In a statement offered in a press release, Putin suggested that the nations involved in Assange's arrest are less than democratic. Putin stated: "If there is democracy, it must be a full one. Why did they jail Mr. Assange? Is that democracy? You know what our villagers say: while someone's cow is mooing, yours better be silent. So I would like to shoot the puck back at our American colleagues."

Putin also further offered his opinion regarding the Wikileaks release of over the U.S.'s 250,000 international diplomatic cables. He stated: "Do you youself think that the U.S. diplomatic service is a crystal clear source of information?"

Also on Thursday, an undisclosed Kremlin authority offered to the Russian media: "Public and on-governmental organizations should think of how to help him [Assange]. Maybe nominate him as a Nobel Prize laureate."

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