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Russian PM Vladmir Putin Sings "Blueberry Hill" for Charity Event

Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin made an appearance at a children's charity dinner in St. Petersburg over the weekend and belted the Fats Domino classic "Blueberry Hill" to the applause and swaying of those in attendance.

When Putin took the stage, he declared: "Like an overwhelming majority of people, I can neither sing or play but I very much like doing it." Putin then played the first notes of the song on the piano before taking the microphone and singing. Putin originally learned the song while taking English classes and also takes piano lessons when his schedule allows.

Several celebrities also attended the event, including: Kevin Costner, Goldie Hawn, and a mesmerized Sharon Stone who reportedly held up a peace sign during Putin's performance.

The audience reportedly gave Putin a standing ovation.

To see Putin's performance, go here .

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