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Sal Aunese Tribute

Today marks the life and legacy of former University of Colorado QB Sal Aunese. Sal Aunese died of stomach cancer on Sept. 23, 1989, after a hard battle of five months.

Sal Aunese's son T.C. McCartney the grandson of Bill McCartney was only five months old when Sal passed away and is now a backup quarterback at LSU.

sal aunese

"ESPN will report on former CU quarterback Sal Aunese`s life and legacy this weekend on its College GameDay show on Saturday and again on Sunday in an Outside the Lines report.

The timing of the report coincides with the anniversary of Aunese`s death in 1989. Aunese was the Buffs` starting quarterback in the 1988 season before contracting stomach cancer. He vowed to beat the disease but it took his life early on Sept. 23 that season.

Aunese fathered a child with former CU coach Bill McCartney`s daughter. His son, T.C. McCartney is a member of the Louisiana State football program and participated in the reports to be aired on ESPN. "

Source: Boulder Daily Camera

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