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San Diego Taxi Plowed Crowd, Dozens Injured

A taxi cab in San Diego plowed into a crowd of people and injured dozens in San Diego on Saturday, February 12, 2011. The Gaslamp Quarter nightclub was the sight of a horrific accident early Saturday when a forty eight year old Emerald Cab driver allegedly fell asleep on Sixth Avenue and stuck pedestrians on the corner of Island Avenue at 1:54 a.m. Security camera footage and statements from witnesses and the injured indicate that the cab veered off of the road and onto the sidewalk as patrons stood before the nightclub. Twenty three people were injured, of which six were critically wounded, as a result of the incident.

San Diego police officer Lieutenant Rick O'Hanlon offered to local news Sign On San Diego: "We are treating this as an unfortunate accident. We're checking into the cab driver's background. We're in the process of reviewing surveillance tapes and looking for others."

A fight broke out after the cab incident when 10 to 100 people stuck the cab and pulled the driver from it as he tried to pull away from the building.

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