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Santa Clarita Fire Shuts Down Interstate, Threatens Homes

Santa Clarita brush fires shut down Interstate 5 and threatens 30 homes just north of Los Angeles, California.  Two brush fires have threatened a 15 acre area, including 30 homes, in the Acton area.  Santa Clarita has a population of 177,000 people.  No evacuations were necessary as a result of the fires.

Los Angeles County fire Captain Sam Padilla stated no active flames were visible after 200 firefighters on the ground and 6 water dropping helicopters battled the blaze.  The terrain was of no assistance to the workers who helped put out the flames.  The region is hilly and desert like. 

Sections of Interstate 5 were shut down as a result of the fire.  

Latest reports indicate that the fire has been put out and no serious injuries resulted from the flames.

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