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Sara Saco Vertiz Gets Hit by Foul Ball- Dumps Boyfriend

 An episode at the Minute Maid Park, Houston, proved to be quite an entertaining one for the crowd that had gathered to watch a match. Chris Johnson hit a foul ball which went straight towards the audience and caused a drama there. An Astros fan by the name of Bo Wyble was at the game with his girlfriend Sara Saco Vertiz and the foul ball took a turn in their direction.

Bo Wyble moved out of the way only to let his girlfriend get hit by the foul ball on her right elbow. The whole audience witnessed the spectacle and so did everyone who watched the match on the TV or the internet. Bo Wyble lacked some chivalry and now he doesn’t have a girlfriend anymore!

The latest news of the foul ball couple claim that they have broken up. It’s only natural to assume that the foul ball accident must have something to do with it, given the stance of the guy on protecting his girlfriend.

The couple got famous overnight with everyone wanting to know the details of the incident. Sara Saco Vertiz and her boyfriend went on the Early Show to answer some questions and it was an interesting watch as the couple struggled to explain the reason for their breakup.


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