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Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin's Camping Trip in Disaster

What happens when a Mama Grizzly and a Cougar go camping with a pair of 10 year old twins and 6 year old sextuplets? Disaster.

Sarah Palin and TLC's Kate Gosselin teamed for a camping trip set to air on television December 12. Gosselin, whose role on TLC's "Jon and Kate Plus 8" garnered her fame, confessed Saturday to US Magazine that she had never gone camping "for real" before the televised and highly anticipated camping trip with the former Alaskan governor.

Highlights of the show include Gosselin and Palin "roughing it" in Alaska, hiking with Gosselin's brood, and Gosselin melting to tears because of hunger and Palin's display of marksmanship. The trip was scheduled for two days but curtailed after just two hours when Gosselin decided to pack up the kids and leave early.

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