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Sarah Palin Retirement Fund Tip Jar Controversy

One Chicago Diner put up a Tip Jar during a street festival and well it caused quite a stirring controversy in the blogosphere with blogs blasting the bar and calling for official investigations into improprieties. Nary a call for investigation went on for years when the tip jar was called the George Bush Impeachment Fund. But controversy stirs when it renamed the tip jar the Sarah Palin Retirement Fund.

"So ex-Gov. Sarah Palin walks into a bar ...

You understand that's a joke, right?

That's all Mickey Hornick, co-owner of The Chicago Diner, says he was doing. Making a joke.

At Market Days, the street festival along North Halsted Street a couple of weeks ago, Hornick set out a tip jar at his food booth. Except it didn't say "tip jar." It said, "Sarah Palin Retirement Fund." " ~ Via Chicago Tribune

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