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Saudi Arabia Arrests 113 Al Qaeda Militants

Saudi Arabia arrested 113 al Qaeda based militants on Wednesday according to reports from the Saudi Press Agency. The militants were allegedly plotting attacks on oil facilities and security sites in Saudi Arabia. The terror network targeted national facilities, security forces, and other agencies within the world's largest oil exporter.

Saudi authorities arrested 47 Saudi's and 51 others from Bangladesh, Eritrea, Somalia, and Yemen near Jazan along Yemen's border in southern Saudi Arabia. Authorities also uncovered and arrested two other terrorist cells with similar plots in the Eastern Province. The militants were based in al Qaeda netoworks from Yemen and included 11 Saudis.
Authorities found an arsenal of expolsives, weapons, cameras, documents, and computers which immediately confiscated.

The arrests stemmed from an Interior Ministry investigation following a gunfight in October 2009 in which two Yemen militants were killed.

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