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Senator Kennedy Collapses at Obama Inaugural Lunch

Senator Edward Kennedy collapsed while attending Barack Obama's inaugural lunch. Kennedy had a seizure while attending the event. The Senator, who has been diagnosed with malignant glioma, an incurable brain tumor.

Kennedy has been examined by doctors, who have attributed the seizure to a case of fatigue. He will be admitted to hospital and will likely be released Wednesday morning. He has been described as being "awake, talking with his family and friends and feeling well.”

Senator Robert Byrd, who was seated near Kennedy when he became ill, was also taken away from the luncheon. The 91-year-old Senator from West Virginia, was not ill but was described as being "visibly upset" as the events unfolded near him.

The House Chaplin, Daniel Coughlin, asked the attendees for a moment of silence to pray for Senator Kennedy, who is expected to resume his normal activities in a day or two.

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