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Setton Pistachio Recall and Symptoms of Salmonella

Setton Pistachio announces a voluntary recall of one million pistachios shipped in the US since September 1, 2008. And it is believed that this recall may even be expanded because some processed foods like ice cream or cake mixes could also be contaminated. There have been no reported illnesses, but a small batch of pistachios tested positive for salmonella. It was Kraft foods that made the discovery of salmonella when it was doing a routine analysis of some of its products which contained Setton pistachios.

This is the first recall Setton has announced in its 13 years of food production. However, when Kraft did a recent observation of Setton's plant, it was noted that Setton did not keep roasted pistachios separate from other raw nuts.

And all raw nuts can contain bacteria, like salmonella, that are killed during roasting.

Salmonella infections could be fatal to those with compromised immune systems, the young and the elderly. Symptoms include fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and stomach pain. At the peak of recent peanut scares related to salmonella in December 2008, over 500 people contracted infections leading to 8 salmonella related deaths.

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