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Seven Year Old Miami Girl Shot and Killed in Car

A seven year old Miami girl was shot and killed in a car on a Little Haiti street at approximately 9 p.m. on Friday, April 9, 2010. A 25 year old driver, her three year old daughter, the victim's mother, and victim Jaynah herself were riding in a gold Chevy Impala at the time of the shooting. The car was travelling on Northeast Miami Place near 64th Terrace when one or more person/s opened fire on the vehicle with an assault rifle. The 25 year old driver also suffered a bullet wound to the neck and is in stable condition.

Authorities are searching for the shooter and motive behind such a hideous crime. Police are certain the gar was "targeted" and are pleading with the public for anyone with information regarding the little girl's death to contact them immediately. Miami police homicide Sargent Confesor Gonzalez insisted that "I'm sure there were witnesses. Unfortunately, at this moment, no witnesses are willing to talk to us.'' Authorities suspect that a 23 year old Israeli named "Zako" Jean is a person of interest and may know key information regarding Voltaire's daughter's death. "Zako" has a criminal history consisting of aggrevated assault, armed robbery, and cocaine possession but police maintain that they "don't consider him a suspect. We know he's associated with people in the area. We have reason to believe he has valuable information," states Gonzalez.

Estelle Voltaire, the little girl's mother, stated through tears during an interview at the Miami Police headquarters that "they took my baby. My only girl....My baby, she's innocent."

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