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Sewanee Cuts Tuition by 10 Percent

In a surprising turn of events, at least one university, Sewanee University of the South, is lowering it's tuition. The cut isn't trivial either. It's a full 10 percent drop, and when you consider that most schools raise their tuition by 5%-7% a year, that's like a 15% turn of events.

Sewanee Cuts Tuition by 10 Percent

The drop in tuition was approved by Sewanee's Board of Regents and will result in approximately 10 percent reduction in tuition and fees for most students at the College for the coming academic year. The University of the South is taking this action now to make a college education more affordable and accessible.

When asked about this interesting strategy by the University, one person at Sewanee suggested that the move was designed to increase the number of applicants to the school so that Sewanee could have a lower acceptance rate and thus appear more competitive, similar to the Ivy League schools it models itself after.

One thing is for sure: next year's incoming class at Sewanee will be celebrating the drastically lower tuition and lower overall costs.

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