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Sex Slave Industry Thrives in Odessa, Ukraine

The sex slave industry thrives in Odessa, Ukraine.  Thousands of tourists brought by ship into the port of the Black Sea harbor carry tourists in and transport hundreds, if not thousands, of women from deprived economic and emotional states to Turkey, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates as captive working as sex slaves.   

Authorities in Odessa have worked diligently for over five years investigating the sex slave industry which many women get lured into and most never make it out of.  Women visiting the region to soak up sunshine on beautiful coastal beaches and luxuriate in high end spas fall victim to men and their false promises of love, marriage, and romance.  One central African woman who managed to escape from the sex slave industry met a man on a beach in Odessa who proposed and vowed to "take care of her" but ended up locking her in a hotel room where she was raped daily, sometimes by three men at a time.  When the man threatened to sell her to Turkey, the woman managed to escape by contacting the Faith, Hope, Love organization.  Faith, Hope, Love, has helped thousands of women trapped in the sex slave industry escape to protection programs and heal the wounds caused by this horrific trade.



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