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Shakira Gets in Trouble for Fountain Bikini Shoot

As per the infamous line from Shakira’s hit song, Hips don’t lie but they can surely get on into trouble! That’s exactly what happened to the Colombian pop princess Shakira when she danced around in a public fountain adorning nothing but a flimsy bikini. As the locals watched on, Shakira kept on with her sexy moves and bikini-clad curves entertaining everyone at her location shoot. Apparently, the sexy dancing skills awed everyone but failed to impress the Officials of Barcelona, Spain, who are annoyed with Shakira’s raucousness to such an extent that they are going to fine her with a lot of infractions.
According to the grape vine, Shakira did not obtain any official permission before setting on to film her “breaking the rules’ video for the “Sale El Sol” album due to be released soon. Whilst recording at the historic “Pla de palau” fountain, the crowd took to a cheering start and some amateur videos of the shoot have been posted on YouTube.
Now the officials are saying that they are going to inspect all the elements of the recording to check for infringements of the law. It seems like Shakira really ticked the officers off with her sexiness.
The said album is due to be released on the 2nd of November 2010.

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