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Sheriff Uses Tasor on 30 Students at Colorado Job Fair

A sheriff used a Taser on 30 students at a Colorado job fair last Thursday. The deputy in Lake County, Colorado was placed on one week unpaid suspension after he used a Taser gun on students at the Lake County High School career fair. Deputy John Ortega apparently agreed to demonstrate the Taser after students pleaded with him to do so. Sheriff Edward J. Holte reported that the electroshock weapon Ortega used on the teenagers at the job fair feels much like "being stung twice by a bee." One of the students zapped by Ortega suffered significant welts to the skin and was transported to the local hospital for treatment. Holte reported to AOL news that "Actually touching the students with the tools of our trade is not something the department authorized. The officer should have used better judgment."

The job fair typically has a turn out of at least 700 hundred students ranging from 7th and 8th grade junior high school students to seniors. Principal Cathy Beck of Lake County High School stated to AOL news: "We are very disappointed with the sheriff's department right now. How sad that this extreme lack of judgment has marred what has always been a wonderful event."

The District attorney's office is presently heading the investigation to ascertain if Ortega will face criminal charges as a result of his actions.

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