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Shipment Sixty Human Heads Delayed in Arkansas

A shipment of sixty human heads has been delayed in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Coroner Garland Camper reported that a Southwest Airlines employee discovered a package full of human heads in the airport's shipping area destined for Fort Worth, Texas.  The employee reported the package to local authorities who lead the investigation with the help of Coroner Camper. 

Camper stated: "We want to make sure we haven't stumbled upon some type of underground market" and assisted in transporting the heads to a Pulaski County morgue.

Investigators have determined that the heads were shipped by JLS Consulting LLC located in Conway, Arkansas.  The heads have authorities perplexed and Camper speculated the package was part of some "underground market."  

JLS Founder Janice Hepler reported to authorities that the heads were being shipped for continuing education programs to train doctors.  Hepler also stated an inside view of "educational courses."  She reported that companies prepare or transport bodies and body parts, regardless of legalities.  Helpler has worked with human specimens for educational courses frequently.

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