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Sidney Lumet, American Director, Passes Away at Age 86

American director Sidney Lumet has passed away due to lymphoma at the age of 86. The well known director passed away on April 9, 2011, within his Manhattan apartment in New York City. Lumet's death was confirmed by a statement issued by his family.

Lumet was a notable, world renown, award winning director with a career spanning well over 50 years. Lumet was best known for the films Dog Day Afternoon, 12 Angry Men, and his last work, Before The Devil Knows You're Dead. Lumet's contribution to film stands a testament for capturing the essence of New York City, his realistic portrayal of social issues, and evoking strong performances from the actors within his films. Lumet ranks as one of the "most prolific directors of the modern era" and averaged one movie per year since his first film in 1957.

Lumet leaves behind his wife of thirty one years, Mary Gimbel, and two daughters, Amy and Jenny, born during his third marriage to Gail Jones. Lumet was previously married to actress Rita Gam from 1949 until 1954, socialite Gloria Vanderbilt from 1956 until 1963, and Gail Jones from 1963 until 1978.

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