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Sight of Meat Gives Men Feeling of Calm

A recent study conducted by McGill University in Canada found that the mere sight of meat gives men a feeling of calm. Researchers lead by Frank Kahanoff sat a group of 82 men down to study priming and aggression, under the premise of "multitasking." Study participants had to sort through images, including pictures of cooked meat, while following an actor as he read a script. Participants were then required to illicit a "loud noise punishment" whenever the actor missed a line of the script. Researchers found that the subjects were less likely to use a harsher punishment while viewing photos of meat.

Researchers suspect that meat had a calming affect on participants because of the social associations as once the meat is captured, cleaned, and cooked, men can relax and enjoy.

Lead researcher Frank Kachanoff reported his findings to the Montreal Gazette. Kachanoff stated: "It wouldn't be advantageous to be aggressive anymore, because you would've already used your aggression to acquire the meat, and furthermore, you'd be surrounded by people who share your DNA. One of the basic principles in evolution is to want to preserve not only your DNA but also that of your next kin."

Kachanoff intends to expand the study to include pictures of unprocessed dead animals, uncooked meat, and women as participants and in image form.

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