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Simon Cowell Shirks Baby Mama Drama via a Yacht in the South of France

X Factor judge and daddy-to-be Simon Cowell has a unique way to shirk the spotlight following the baby mama drama with married Lauren Silverman: a vacation via yacht in the South of France. A source confirmed to PEOPLE that Cowell "won't see Lauren in person until things calm down" and is "happy to be on vacation."


The source also went on to say that Simon "cares about [Lauren] and has been checking in on her and the baby" but thought he "has been in contact with Lauren since her divorce turned messy." He wants to just avoid (or is that deny?) the drama brewing in Lauren and her husband Andrew's divorce proceedings in which Andrew dragged Simon into the official court documents and perhaps proceedings. Simon is apparently "a bit upset" and "encourages Lauren to quickly figure things out with Andrew so they can move forward with their divorce."

Cowell is reportedly willing to support Lauren financially and be a part of his child's life but "has no plans to move in with Lauren" per the source. Apparently his plan is to "put up Lauren in one of [his many Beverly Hills properties] so he can spend time with his baby."

Whewie...sounds like the globe trotting music mogul has zero interest in settling into family life.

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