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Simpson's Co-Creator Sam Simon Giving Away Fortune as He Fights Terminal Colon Cancer

Nine time Emmy winner Sam Simon, co-creator of the hit television show The Simpsons is taking a radical step in his fight against terminal colon cancer: he is giving every bit of his fortune away upon receiving a grim prognosis of having only three to six months to live.

At just 58, Simon's untold millions and massive success due to the animated FOX show he created with Matt Groening twenty years ago is a phenomenon few will ever experience. But, as he fights a good fight against the cancer, surgeries, and chemotherapy ravaging his body, he can be a massive inspiration to all. Simon offered a statement to the Hollywood Reporter regarding his decision to give it all away to various causes important to him with: "I get pleasure from it. I love it. I don't feel like it is an obligation." He added: "there is stuff happening, really good stuff, every week."

Already the unmarried and childless Simon has establish ways to ensure his legacy lives on long past his departure from this world. He has already ensured ways which guarantee his family is taken care of, funded the Sam Simon Foundation, a canine rescue haven within Malibu, California, which trains shelter dogs to become services dogs for the disabled or places them available for adoption, devised the vegan food bank the Sam Simon Foundation Feeding Families program (which feeds 200 families per day), and donated significant funding to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Save The Children, PETA, and organizations designated to shutting down roadside zoos and abusive animal shows.

Good luck in your fight, Mr. Simon. And thank you!

Read the heartwarming Hollywood Reporter interview here.

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