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Singer Nadja Benaissa Charged With Spreading HIV Knowingly

The singer Nadja Benaissa appeared in Court on Thursday to hear her sentence for causing bodily harm to her ex-boyfriend. According to the reports, the singer was infected with HIV and despite having the knowledge of the disease, she willingly had unprotected sex with the unaware boyfriend, thus making him contracts the infection from her.

Nadja Benaissa is a German singer and member of the band called “No Angels”. She was given a two-year suspended prison sentence and no jail time. In addition, the singer faces 300 hours of community service. The ruling of the Darmstadt Administration Court indicated that the 28 year old girl was responsible for spreading the HIV infection to her boyfriend through unprotected sex.

According to the singer, she felt that she needed to be punished for her actions. The lenient sentence was given keeping in mind that she was regretting the act, committed long ago when she was a lot younger and going through turbulent times. The singer also apologized consistently to her boyfriend but knew in her heart that she would not be forgiven.

The lawyer of Nadja Benaissa, Oliver Wallasch, though the suspended sentence was appropriate. The same views regarding the sentence were shared by the prosecution attorney.

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