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Six Year Old Hospitalized After Drinking Vodka

A six year old hospitalized after drinking vodka.  Daniel Magpie III faces charges for feeding his niece vodka and soda. The little girl's grandparents rushed her to the hospital upon finding her unresponsive after consuming enough alcohol to have a blood alcohol level of .20, twice the legal limit for an adult.  An investigation into the incident revealed Magpie's confession: he let the little girl drink enough alcohol from his cup to pass out. 

Experts speculate that the little girl could have consumed as much as a pint of vodka to have a blood alcohol level so high.  Doctors have not ascertained the long term affect the alcohol poisoning could have on her growing body, cognitive function, personality, or motor skills.

Magpie also faces charges for marijuana possession.  The little girl was placed in protective custody.

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