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Small Aircraft Kills Two Passengers After Crashing Into Day Care Center and Residence

A small aircraft took flight from an East Palo Alto en route to Hawthorne Municipal Airport in Southern California. Shortly after the plane left the runway, its passengers met a terrible fate. The twin engine Cessna 310 crashed shortly after becoming airborne and left 3 dead. Menlo Park Fire Chief Harold Schapelhouman said the plane hit a transmission tower because of mechanical problems and/or poor visibility. Fog was reported to be "soupy" in the area at the time of the crash.

The effects of the plane crash are devastating. Apparently the plane hit the tower, lost a wing, lost altitude, landed on a highly populated residential area on top of a home day care center, and then slid down the road igniting cars, lawns, and two houses on fire. The plane eventually stopped in the middle of a street. An employee at the day care center reported "No children within the day care facility were hurt."

Sixteen Southwest Airline flights were canceled this morning due to fog and corporate protocols. The FAA reports that a pilot can decide ultimately whether or not visibility is adequate for flight.

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