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Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Will Cost $600 Per Month

Smart is bringing a limited number of their battery powered ForTwo Electric Drive automobiles into the United States.  Only 250 will be imported, with 200 already committed to fleet customers.  This leaves fifty available to the general public, but they won't be priced on par with other mass market electric vehicles from Nissan or Chevrolet.  A Smart ForTwo Electric Drive is available for lease only and will cost the consumer $600 per month, which includes a federal electric vehicle lease subsidy.  Before the subsidy is applied, the monthly lease would work out to be in excess of $900.

Why the expense?  The Smart Electric Drive is hand built in limited numbers, and uses high end lithium ion batteries supplied by Tesla and used in their Roadster electric sports car.  Future Smart ForTwo Electric Drive models will be mass produced and will have a lower price tag, but only if market demand for the battery powered commuter car is high enough.

Source:  RideLust 

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