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Sofia Vergara's Bikini Photos Make Waves

Sofia Vergara's bikini photos make waves while vacationing in Ischia, Italy.  The Modern Family star was spotted soaking up some sun before attending a local film festival with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan.  Vergara recently made headlines with her Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress in A Comedy Series.  Vergara is up against fellow Family castmember Julie Bowen, as well as Jane Krakowski, Jane Lynch, Kristen Wigg, and Holland Taylor.

Upon hearing the news of her Emmy nomination, Vergara was "surprised" though she expected the Modern Family nomination.  Vergara stated during a recent interview: "I was completely sure that Modern Family was going to be nominated.  We had such an amazing year."  The whole cast is nominated, so we're going to have a great table.  Do you sit at a table?  No?  We'll all go togther, so we'll have fun."

Vergara stated in TV Guide Magazine that she is "so new to acting and America" that she "didn't know it meant something "I'm so new to acting and America, so I didn't know it meat something when they invite you here.  Somebody should have told me."

No word on who Vergara's date will be for the Emmys.  Vergara has been linked to Luis Miguel and Enrique Inglesias but more recent reports suggest that perhaps a man identified only as Rashee may accompany her.

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