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Solar Powered Cell Phones

Solar Cell Phones have finally made their way to the African Continent which has much less access to dependable electricity. The phones which will fully charge after just an hour of sunlight on a fresh battery, which needs to be charged for 24 hours on a standard AC plug.

solar cell phones

"Uganda Telecom has launched the country’s first solar powered cellphone. Dubbed “Kasana,” the phone is designed to harness the East African sun for a sustainable recharge after an initially charging from a conventional AC socket.

Uganda Telecom has signed a deal with ZTE and agreed that the company is the only mobile operator in Uganda to deal in solar-powered cellphones. The company claims that the launch will help the people of Uganda, as they won’t have to depend on grid power to stay connected.

The solar handset is manufactured from recycled materials and has a built-in solar panel, which generates enough energy from an hour of exposure to the sun to keep the phone going for 12 hours." via EcoFriend

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