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Soles4Souls Charity Leaves Michael Franti Barefoot

Spearhead's Michael Franti prefers being barefoot to wearing shoes for a great cause: the non-profit charity organization Soles4Souls.

Soles4Souls was founded in 2006 by Wayne Elsey. Following the devastating 2004 tsunami that killed nearly 280,000 people and displaced over 1.6 million, Elsey lay the foreground for what would lead to Soles4Souls. While watching footage of the wake of destruction following the tsunami, Esley was inspired by a single shoe that washed ashore. Esley contacted footwear executives and began the donation process which led to the 12,337,508 shoes collected and distributed to people in need throughout the world to date.

Elsey's founding principle is simply to change the world one pair of shoes at a time. Shoe donations from all kinds of individuals, footwear companies, schools, and churches have made Soles4Souls one of the most extensive charities of its kind.

Many celebrities support the organization, including Michael Franti, who walks the earth barefoot to draw attention to the cause and even performs on stage with his band Spearhead without shoes. Other celebrity supporters include: Jessica Alba, Zach Braff, Lauren Conrad, Scarlett Johansson, Billy Joel, Kellie Pickler, Chris Brown, and Albert Haynesworth.

For more or to donate: Soles4Souls

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