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Sophie Horn- Sexy Golfer and Model Heats Up the Course

 Seldom will you find the term golfer and model in the same sentence, especially if you are referring to a person’s profession but that’s what makes Sophie Horn truly unique. Sophie Horn is both a professional 6-handicap golfer and a breathtakingly sexy model. One look at her and you can see how she heats up the field she plays on.

With the likes of Tiger Woods roaming the golf course, it is easy to see the effect Sophie Horn is going to have on her male counterparts. And we can’t blame them: Sophie Horn is blessed with the sporting talent and the looks that can surely kill. Not only has she been playing golf for the past 15 years but is also a certified trainer and model.

Currently working as a writer for the UK magazine known as Golf Punk, Sophie Horn manages a column about golf. The interesting bit is that the column is known as “Golf Nurse”- a titillating name, no?

Sophie Horn is bound to make a name for her in the golfing arena, given her killer talent and sexy looks, it’s but guaranteed. The official website of Sophie Horn will give you access to the fantastic photo gallery. Happy Browsing!


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