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Sotomayor Vote Comes Today

The Sonia Sotomayor vote will go forward today, and she is no doubt a shoe in to be confirmed. However that doesn't mean that Republicans. aren't making this a huge political show. Some are determined to vote against her based on principal and partisan lines and not based on her record.

"The largely newsless confirmation saga of Sonia Sotomayor will make news today, as the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on sending the first Hispanic Supreme Court nominee to the full chamber for consideration.

Among committee Republicans, only Lindsey Graham is expected to vote "aye," meaning the tally will likely favor the nominee, 13-6. (John Roberts' panel vote was 13-5, while Samuel Alito's was 10-8.) Charles Grassley and Orrin Hatch both plan to cast their first-ever votes against a Supreme Court nominee today, and they attribute their opposition as much to the changing partisan atmosphere in the Senate as they do to Sotomayor's record." via Washington Post

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